Sunday 28 February 2021

current beauty favourites #06 ♥

It has been a while since I published a new Current Beauty Favourites blog post, I absolutely love writing this series, (you can find the full collection of posts here), and I have been really trying to focus more on beauty content on Fairytale Kiss. Beauty will always be my number one passion when it comes to blogging and I was really eager to shoot and test out these products. This is probably my favourite series on Fairytale Kiss, I absolutely love testing and trying new, (and sometimes old), products and for the past few weeks I’ve been using a selection of beauty products to see if they work and whether they are worth adding to your shopping basket. Let’s get started with the first product, we all know I love the Dr.PAWPAW range and I love that they always bring out new and exciting launches, including the Dr.PAWPAW Age Renewal Naturally Fragranced Hand Cream*. 
Vegan and cruelty free; this hand cream has been in my handbag for weeks now. It’s a great size for popping in your coat pocket if you’re going on your daily walk too - yes, the excitement of lockdown. We all use antibacterial gel more than ever before so it is natural for our hands to feel slightly dry, which is why I’ve been keeping this Dr.PAWPAW hand cream in my bag too. This particular hand cream is perfect if you don’t like scented products and if your hands are feeling particularly dry at the moment, I definitely think this cream is worth a try. The formula doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky and I love that it has anti-ageing properties, it contains Collodial Oatmeal, which is known for soothing dry and itchy skin.
If you do love scented hand creams, Dr.PAWPAW also have a Cocoa and Coconut version and a Mango and Orange scented hand cream in this range. The next product I am adding to my Current Beauty Favourites list is the Ted Baker Pretty Pearl Body Lotion, I believe this came in a gift set but you can find this particular body lotion separately online. I'm not usually overwhelmed by pretty, pink packaging but the quality and scents of the Ted Baker beauty range has always left me impressed. The Pretty Pearl body lotion smells of rose petals, sandalwood and a touch of raspberry leaf. It smells incredible and I love applying this after a shower or if I want to take a pause from my Dove tanning lotion.

With Mother's Day coming up, I think the Ted Baker beauty range is a perfect option, I am a big fan of Ted Baker gift sets. You can find the full range on the Boots website here. The next product on my favourite's list this week is the Jimmy Choo Flash perfume. This perfume is floral scented but it has a spicy twist, the notes include sweet strawberry, tangerine, pink pepper, and white lily for the heart note of the fragrance. Not only is the scent long lasting but it really smells fresh and I think it is the perfect scent now that spring is arriving. Flash smells light and fresh but it also has a very rich scent mixed in. I've been wearing this perfume everyday for the past few weeks and it is a great option for the daytime. Last but certainly not least, I had to include the Philip Kingsley Sun Shield UV Defence spray*. 
Now I know this sounds more like a holiday product when you go abroad, but I love applying this spray if I've recently had highlights put in my hair, it protects coloured hair and I have always kept this spray in my hair routine. You can still find the Sun Shield online but they also have newer products that cater to protecting your hair against the sun, peroxide and chlorine, including the Daily Damage Defence spray. I'm a big fan of the Philip Kingsley range and if your hair needs some TLC, I'd recommend taking their quiz online to see what products they suggest. So what do you think of my product picks this week? Let me know if you want me to do a Mother's Day product round up. If you are looking for more beauty product reviews, you can find them here. ♥


  1. Everything sounds so wonderful! Especially the perfume. I really want to try it for myself!
    the creation of beauty is art.

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