Wednesday 21 March 2018

pretty little thing - comfy glam ♥

Leggings: Pretty Little Thing       Bralet (Similar): Pretty Little Thing         Sandal Heels (Similar): Simmi
If I'm being totally honest, most of my outfits are quite impractical. If I am rushing to meet the girls for a shopping or Starbucks lunch or if I am exploring London with Ollie, most of my outfits are either tight fitted, too cold to wear or only look good with a pair of high heels. Well I was feeling quite adventurous when I was scrolling through Pretty Little Thing a few weeks ago and I decided to order something slightly out of my comfort zone. 
I was set to go bowling with Ollie the day after so luckily I had time to order a nude pair of leggings. I saw on the website that the PLT stylist matched the leggings with a bralet I had ordered last year. This outfit looked pretty comfortable and best of all, I had a pair of nude sandal heels that were slightly more practical than my other heels. I decided to add the nude leggings to my shopping basket and hope for the best.
I usually hate leaving an outfit shop the day before I need it but I was more than happy and thankful when the leggings arrived - thank goodness for next day delivery! I was really relieved when the leggings arrived with a high waisted design. This is my lifesaving top tip when it comes to wearing leggings or trousers, the high waist is perfect for smoothing down my stomach and best of all, you can wear a bralet at the same time. 
Sure, a pair of leggings doesn't sound like a crazy purchase but for me, I have never tried to dress up leggings before and I was really curious to see how they would look on me. I ordered a size 6 and they fit perfectly, I love that the colour of the fabric didn't wash me out and I love how they fit. For the bralet, I think the lace and gold detailing added a touch of glamour to the outfit, it is quite subtle but I really like how it complimented the ribbed legging fabric. 
For the shoes, I found the sandal heels in Primark earlier this year, the heel is roughly 3 inches high so this makes them pretty ideal for running around an arcade. I always feel more confident with a small heel and these particular heels are incredibly comfortable and ideal for the daytime. I really loved pairing the sandal heels with the leggings, I am definitely going to try this with a black pair of leggings now! What do you think of trying to glam up your comfy clothes? Are you a fan of bralet and leggings together? ♥


  1. Oh my gosh, this looks like SO much fun! I love games. And this outfit is stunning!

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