Friday 16 March 2018

#ShopList - leopard print favourites ♥

Leopard print top - Zara
Even though the weather reports say it will snow tomorrow, I wanted to sprinkle a few rays of sunshine onto Fairytale Kiss today. I have made a brand new #ShopList post about one of my favourite trends - leopard print. I think 90% of my wardrobe is leopard print and it always reminds me of the summer season. I have tried to include high end and high street brands in my selections and if I had to pick just one item, it would certainly be the Gucci leopard print bag. I hope you enjoy my favourite leopard print picks, are you a leopard print fan? If you have any requests for my #ShopList series, let me know ♥ 


1 comment

  1. This is my kind of post! I absolutely LOVE leopard print. Whenever I wear it (or have leopard print accessories), I feel so confident.


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