Friday 20 April 2018

revolution make up party ♥

Okay, so this blog post is slightly late but better late than never right? Last month I was kindly invited to the Revolution party, (formally Make Up Revolution). I brought my camera with me so I was lucky enough to film the event and take some amazing photos inside the venue. I will be posting the new video in a few weeks time. The Make-Up Revolution party was held to celebrate the relaunch of the brand, they have changed its name to Revolution and they have also launched a brand new range tailored for professionals - Revolution Pro.
I arrived at One Marylebone slightly early for once so I was able to see everything without a busy, busy crowd. I last visited this venue for the Revolution Halloween party and I love how the team decorate and host a party! After I gave my coat to the locker room I made my way to the main hall. As I stepped inside you could see this would be a dream for my Instagram account, a large doughnut wall was proudly standing on the right hand side and large white roses were decorated around the bar area.
I do usually find it quite daunting arriving at events by myself but it was lovely to talk to the Revolution team and see the latest launches. I first created my own GIF with a special photobooth machine and then afterwards I started to film the different areas of the venue. I found the Revolution Pro section and this is where I fell in the love. The new pro range is incredibly versatile and I was really impressed with how luxurious the packaging was, especially the lip products.
While I was eyeing up the new products from the Pro range, we were served burgers in coloured dough and fruity cocktails. After I had a look at the different products, the Revolution team took to the stage and thanked everyone for attending and then a presentation began which showcased the new products and revamped packaging. 
After the presentation had ended, a DJ arrived and the music and dancing began! It was an incredible night and I am so thankful to the Revolution team for inviting me to the relaunch, I hope you enjoy looking through the photos and now that I have a Mac laptop again, I will finally be able to create the video. What do you think of the Revolution range? What is your favourite Revolution product? If you would like me to include more blog posts about my blog events, let me know ♥

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  1. What a cool experience! I am so glad you were able to go. That eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous and there are a lot of really great colours included.


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