Thursday 14 June 2018

youtube - vlog #05 boohoo blog events, ikea and shopping vlog ♥

I have not posted a video in quite a while and now that I finally have my Mac laptop, I have a whole year worth of footage to edit and share with you. For today's video, I visit the London Edition Hotel for a skin care event, Jimmy Choo was due to attend but sadly he had to cancel last minute. That certainly would have been a blogging highlight. It was a great event and it was really interesting to hear about the new brand, it is incredibly popular in Asia. After I visited the blog event I made my way to H&M and I had a little shopping trip. I found some gorgeous dresses and I had to film myself trying them on. The next morning, Harri and I made our way to Ikea in Lakeside, it is certainly helping with my confidence when it comes to driving and I picked up a few black boxes to help me organise my shoes. I hope you enjoy watching this video and if you have any outfit or beauty video requests, let me know 

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  1. Oh my gosh, what a great video! It looks like a great experience and such a glamorous event!


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