Friday 27 July 2018

asos pink embellished bikini ♥

Pink Embellished Bikini - ASOS
I am still quite new to the world of fitness so changing to a healthier diet and exercise routine is a new experience for me but I have been very relaxed with my diet and gym routine this summer and I'm actually okay with that. It is never too late to re-start your healthy lifestyle but I have found it really refreshing to sit back and unwind this year. I wanted to write today's blog post to talk about why you don't need to put so much pressure on yourself when the summer season arrives, especially when it involves wearing a bikini.

Compared to last year, I have been a ghost in my local gym and by the time I wanted to kick start my fitness routine, I literally had a few days left before my holiday to Alicante - talk about leaving things last minute. Depending what I eat in the evening, my stomach can bloat and change very easily. I just have to look at cheese and bread and I struggle to zip up my jeans. That being said, by the end of my holiday, I grabbed a high waisted bikini and I instantly felt more comfortable and I didn't care how many bags of crisps I ate. I found this particular bikini on ASOS last year and it is completely different to my usual bikini style but I found it very flattering. 
I think that's what I wanted this blog post to be about, if you want to spend your holiday sitting by the pool and enjoying chips and cocktails, do it. I may not be in the best shape compared to last year but I am only human. I can be guilty of comparing my figure to photos on Instagram but this year I simply don't care. I may be super late to this self love party but better late than never. I have been noticing a lot more professionally edited photographs in the blogging world.
I need to remember that its okay that I don't have the resources or knowledge to create high end glossy photos with professional photographers or high end editing equipment. I just need to practice more and my photography skills will improve. I am not the most photogenic and it can literally take me hours to snap one flattering photo but that's okay. I love creating blog content because hopefully it is relatable to you, my readers. I'm not a model and I want to share outfit photos because I have fun doing it.
So here are my photos from Alicante, I am not completely comfortable wearing a swimwear in front of a camera but I really loved this bikini. I love the high waisted element and the pink gems are definitely my cup of tea. The tan lines can be on the tricky side but I managed to tan my stomach the next day in a smaller bikini. This is definitely needed if you want to avoid square shaped tan lines on your stomach! What do you think of high waisted bikinis? Are you a fan of embellished swimsuits? I have a few more swimwear posts lined up for next week so keep your eyes peeled. ♥

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  1. The colour and design of that pink embellished Asos bikini are very pretty, and you look amazing showcasing it! Your photos are beautiful and so are you. If you nare not photogenic I'm having trouble imagining how stunning you must look in person.
    I'm not into the embellishments on swimsuits so much, but I love the look of high waisted bikinis and love pink.


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