Monday 23 July 2018

the little tassel dress ♥

White Tassel Dress - Similar
I never thought that I would like tassels, as a very clumsy person by nature I tend to avoid wearing anything too complicated, especially if it means that I can get caught on furniture. Practical elements aside, I bought this dress a few years but I never felt confident enough to wear it. I have been waiting for the right moment to wear it and voila, the time has finally arrived. When Lydia and I were planning our photo session a few weeks ago, I saw this dress in the back of my wardrobe and decided to test the water.
This dress is certainly on the risky side but I loved playing dress up and finding this bright and sunny location in London on the busy streets of Chelsea. For today's blog post I wanted to have a little ramble because I've just returned from my holiday with Ollie. We flew to Alicante last Sunday and the weather was a dream, I feel incredibly relaxed and I am ready to head back to the gym, I have eaten my body weight in tapas but I feel very rested and excited to get back to my routine. I did plan on filming the entire trip but it was really refreshing to step away from the camera for a week.
I have filmed a few moments but if you wanted to watch my vlog from last year, you can find it here. I have just jumped on the Riverdale bandwagon and I am already obsessed after three episodes. I was sitting back by the pool and watching the end of season 1. I can't recommend it enough and you can find the episodes on Netflix although I think I'm pretty late to the Riverdale party. For tonight's plan, I don't have to worry about unpacking because I actually did this last night when we arrived back home. This is a first for me - I usually let my suitcase collect dust before I unpack and organise everything.
I've got a few admin tasks to get through today and I am determined to really sort out my emails, this is definitely an area I need to work on. I have taken quite a few blog photos in Alicante though so I am very excited to sort through them and get them ready to post on Fairytale Kiss. My outfit photos range from bikini poses to the new bags I have picked up from the Alicante shopping centre, I will be creating a detailed blog post about the bags but it was also fun to include them in my outfit photos. But back to this current outfit, I am seeing more and more tassels on the shop floor and online.
This is a trend I remember loving around 2009-2010 and I love that I am seeing more tassels on my social media. I'm not as curvy as I used to be so I love that this style of dress accentuates my hips and chest area, this would certainly make the perfect holiday dress if you are heading out with the girls, it is fun, flirty and I love the risky length and deep plunge neckline. I feel like summer has arrived with this outfit and I hope the matching weather lasts! What do you think of this outfit? Are you a fan of tassels? Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram for my photos from Alicante, I will be styling more summer focused outfit posts and I will also be styling a few swimsuits. ♥

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