Thursday 12 July 2018

#HouseOfNext christmas event ♥

On Tuesday morning I made my way to the Next #HouseOfNext event to sit down and listen to three fashion experts. Lynne McKenna from Fabulous Magazine, Katherine Ormerod from WorkWorkWork and Julie-Ann Sloane, the Next Buying Manager. They spoke to Angela Sanlon who asked them about their tips and tricks when it comes to styling your outfits for the Christmas party season. Although Christmas is a while away, the gorgeous new Next collection was proudly displayed throughout the building and I couldn't wait to get a closer look. It was a great experience to hear the experts talk about their wardrobe knowledge and from a bloggers perspective, I felt really inspired afterwards.
A few of the topics included how you can wear sequins for a Christmas party, whether you wear a Next sparkly jumpsuit or a pair of Next jeans that have subtle sequins down the sides. After the chat had finished, we had the opportunity to ask a few questions including: 'What special item of clothing would you save in a fire?' and I would certainly have to say my Louis Vuitton bag, not only does this bag mean a lot to me because Ollie bought this for me in Paris for my birthday but it completes any outfit that I put together.
It actually opened my eyes to my wardrobe situation because all four of the women agreed that a tailor can make a big difference to how your clothes fit. At 5'4, I am not very tall so I do have to take up a few of my outfits when I first wear them. I should certainly invest in a good tailor if I want my Christmas outfit to fit like a glove. When asked what their fashion rules were, the ladies explained that confidence is a big factor in wearing an outfit and that trends are constantly changing, especially when it comes to wearing high heels - swapping towering heels for a chic pair of flats is incredibly popular this year.
My ears certainly perked up when Katherine mentioned animal print fabric as one of her favourite trends this year, especially when you can wear a faux fur leopard print coat or a silk animal print shirt for an evening look. I have always loved the versatility of the Next range and you can find something to suit your office, date night or even your New Year's Eve party. After we had a chance to ask questions, I had a bite to eat from the selection of raisin cookies and chocolate muffins, I then made my way towards to clothing rails.
As you can see, Next have some pretty incredible launches lined up for this year and I have always been a lover of a winter wardrobe. I found a gorgeous faux leather trench coat that I have mentally saved for my shopping list. I was impressed with the selection of high heels and I spotted a very sparkly pair of boots in the next room. The #HouseOfNext event also included a giant bath tub filled to the top with lipgloss and my Instagram page perked its head up! I loved that the venue was carefully planned and Christmas was sprinkled top to bottom.
With Ollie and I moving in together over the next few weeks, I will finally be able to focus on more interior aspects on my Youtube channel and blog so as you can imagine, I was glued to the Christmas decorations. It is very surreal to attend Christmas press events in the summer heat and I am very thankful for the Next team and PR team that invited me. What do you think of winter fashion? Are you a fan of sequins? I hope you enjoyed this post, can we please appreciate the gorgeous decorations! ♥

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  1. This post made me smile so much because I LOVE Christmastime. It is the best time of year!


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