Tuesday 3 July 2018

interior - greaterskies star map ♥

I spend a fair amount of my time on Pinterest looking at the luxury mansions I can't afford and the ball gown dresses I want to own. I can vividly remember saving a few photos of a particular image to my interior mood board and I couldn't believe it when the brand actually contacted. Ollie and I will hopefully be moving in together by the end of the summer so interior ideas are now on my mind and I can finally decorate our dream home. For me, wall art is a very important part of completing a room, whether it is a bedroom, bathroom or living room, I love how adding a frame to a room is like adding a cherry onto a cake.
When GreaterSkies* contacted me, I was over the moon. They specialise in creating unique star maps that are completely personal to you. If you have a particular date and location that is special to you, GreaterSkies can create a map that specifically captures the stars at that exact time. It was perfect timing because it was my 3 year anniversary with Ollie last week so I decided to pick the exact time and restaurant where we had our first date, precisely 3 years ago.
The instructions were incredibly easy to follow online, you can choose five different sizing options and how you want the map to be displayed. I wanted to have a white border around my map because I have a white bedroom and I think this neutral colour scheme will match any room. Once you have selected the time, date and location, you decide whether you would like the constellations and star names displayed on the map. After you tick or untick this box, you can write a caption, whether you want to explain what the significance of the date is or if you want to write a personal message onto it.
Whether you want to capture the exact moment you got married or if your best friend has just had a baby, I think a star map is such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I love that you have the option of how you want the map to be displayed and if you want to have the constellations added over the stars. You also have the option to download the map in a file format so you could take it to a printing shop yourself or the Greater Skies team can print it for you. After I placed my order, the delivery only took a few days and the frame arrived secure and safe in a box and bubble wrap.
It is such an easy process and I love that you can hang the frame or rest it against a wall. I no longer have to save star maps on my Pinterest board because I finally have my dream wall art at home!  What do you think of the GreaterSkies map? What occasion would you pick? I wanted to say a big thank you to GreaterSkies for delivering my map, it was very easy to create and design and I'm really impressed with the different options available. Let me know what you design you would prefer, you can see the different designs here


  1. OMG!!! Thank you so much for this post I love it. I'm definitely going to check them out!


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