Wednesday 4 July 2018

paris guide - hôtel daniel ♥

For some reason Paris has always been a distant thought in my mind. I never really had Paris on my holiday wish list but after Ollie whisked me away for my birthday, Paris has without a doubt, taken the number one holiday spot. I have been dying to write this review and although we were in Paris for just three nights, the experience has left me mesmerised. Paris is unlike anything I have ever experienced before and I wanted to break up my reviews so you can really have a detailed guide if you are planning on visiting or revisiting Paris yourself. I can't get Paris out of my mind. 
I can honestly say that Paris has been the most incredible trip, the location, the food, the atmosphere - it really is something out of a fairy tale (no Fairytale Kiss pun intended), so without further delay, I wanted to start with my review on our hotel, Hôtel Daniel. It only took us two hours on the Eurostar to arrive at Gare du Nord train station, a cab was waiting to pick us up and we had a lovely 20 minute drive through the Paris streets. I was glued to my window and I couldn't believe the architecture of the buildings, even the small, hidden alleys had an element of elegance. 
When we arrived at the Hôtel Daniel, they took our bags immediately while we checked in. As you step inside the hotel, the interior is simply breathtaking and I have personally never stayed at a hotel like this. The interior was styled to perfection and every single inch of the hotel decor has been carefully thought out and displayed with care. I usually drool over white, glossy walls from my previous hotel visits in Spain but this Paris hotel has completely changed the playing field for me. For me, the interior plays such an important part in feeling comfortable and the staff were so attentive and considerate when we arrived, it made us feel so welcomed and I couldn't wait to see our room. 
Although the hotel ground floor is incredibly spacious, with a dining room and bar located at the back, the hotel has 26 rooms which makes the service feel incredibly intimate and personal. As we made our way into to the lift to the top floor, every inch of the hotel had something for you to see and admire. I couldn't get over the beautiful decor. When we arrived in our room, a tray of croissants were waiting for us and as I began flicking through the hotel service menu, the pastries made me incredibly excited to experience Paris food. Our room was very spacious, not only was there a separate room with a desk and study area, but the wardrobe included a large safe to store our passports and other important valuables. I felt incredibly safe in the room and we were certainly in for a pleasant stay.

In the bathroom, a full length mirror was located at the back of the door - this was certainly a plus for me. I always struggle when a hotel does not have many mirrors if I need to do my make-up or put an outfit together. As you stepped inside the bathroom, I noticed the His and Her sinks straight away and Molton Brown products were neatly displayed around the bathroom. I am a huge fan of the Molton Brown shower gels so I loved that the sink had a few options in the shower. Although the interior is incredibly classic, the technology was very modern. The brand new Dyson hairdryer was nestled in a basket waiting and this dried our hair in minutes. I really love that the classic and sophisticated interior is matched with the latest high tech beauty products and gadgets on the market.
Location wise, the hotel is a casual 10 - 15 minute walk from the Champs-Élysées and you are surrounded by shops and restaurants. Next door to the hotel is a British pub so if you are planning on visiting when the World Cup is on, you can get your football fix instantly. I know Ollie was eyeing up the TV screen when we walked past. If you want to completely dive into the beautiful French culture then the shops and buildings will take your breath away. I will talk more about the Champs-Élysées in my next post but I understand how important it is for a hotel to be close to restaurants and the city centre.
I will go into more detail about the day to day service at Hôtel Daniel but for an overall review of the hotel, I felt like I stepped into wonderland. Ollie and I usually stay in very modern hotels when we travel so it was an incredible experience to stay at a hotel that has a completely different decor and vibe. The staff were more than happy to help you and to answer your questions and our bed and towels were freshly replaced and the room was clean and spotless. What do you think of Paris? Have you visited Hôtel Daniel before? In my next blog post, I will talk about my first outfit choice in Paris and what we did after we unpacked at the hotel. If you fancy reading a review of one of the Paris restaurants we visited, you can read it here ♥


  1. It is such a beautiful place to visit! I've been to Paris once and it was lovely. These pictures are stunning.

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