Friday 12 October 2018

the pretty little thing stone dress ♥

PLT Stone Ruched Dress - Similar  | Patent Nude Stilettos - Office 
I have decided to tackle my wardrobe this month and I found this little gem hidden on my rail. I remember seeing this dress on Pretty Little Thing and I instantly fell in love with the daring plunge neckline and the subtle cool nude shade. I believe I first wore this dress almost 4 years and wow does this dress look different on me now. For starters, my hourglass figure has rapidly changed since I bought this dress.
I lost quite a bit of weight and most of my curves after I had my heart surgery and it was quite a surreal feeling trying this dress on for the first time in years. Since my figure has drastically changed, I can appreciate how hard it can be to find a dress that suits different body types and even though my curves are not as prominent as they used to be, I still feel confident and happy to wear this plunge dress. I packed up my gym bag and after shooting at Elan Cafe, Lydia and I headed to the V&A museum to see if we could snap some photos.
Believe me, wearing this dress in a museum is not ideal, I certainly got some odd stares but as a blogger, I think you get used to the odd glances when you are posing in a public place. So for today's blog post I wanted to talk about how to create a curvy illusion, if like me you want to add a bit more shape to your figure for a particular outfit, hopefully these tips can help. My must have tool is a push up bra or a self adhesive bra - I usually use the stick on bra more because I don't usually like showing my bra straps. 
This is definitely a great product for creating more cleavage and if you are wearing a plunging top, a stick on bra can really make a dramatic difference. The next item is pretty popular but I have to include it, a statement belt is a great tool for making your waist appear smaller, I recently bought a gold belt from Pretty Little Thing and I found this is really useful for slightly altering a t-shirt or a floaty, cami dress. My final tip is to scroll through Pinterest or blogs to get inspired, I love saving outfit ideas and then finding an alternative version in my favourite shops like Zara, PLT or Boohoo. 
I usually have to try on dresses that are more figure hugging because usually cami style dresses do not flatter my body type but a belt will usually solve this problem. If you are looking to find outfits for the work environment, peplum style dresses or tailored blazers can be very flattering and you can dress them up for the evening too. This particular stone dress from PLT will always be a favourite dinner dress for London, the plunge neckline may be quite bold but I like that the longer sleeves tones the dress down. What do you think of my tips? Are you a fan of plunge dresses like this one? Let me know what outfit you would like me to style next 


  1. You look gorgeous, and make that Pretty Little Thing Stone Ruched Dress look amazing! I love the ruching, overall design and appearance of the dress, and the artistic choice you made of a locale for your outfit photos. I'm sure you will look beautiful in whatever style of outfit you choose to style next.

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