Tuesday 16 October 2018

nui cosmetics press event ♥

On Thursday evening I grabbed my new pair of trainers, dry shampoo and Canon camera and I made my way to St Martins Lane Hotel. I have visited this hotel for a few events over the years and the thrill and awe never fades when you walk through the main door. As I walked past the gorgeous flower arrangements, I headed to the penthouse floor. I was kindly invited to attend the NUI Cosmetics event and I couldn't wait to see the collection, I was very excited to see what was unique about the brand. 
When Made Management is behind a brand, you know what to expect - glamour and photogenic surroundings and as I stepped into the penthouse room, I was not surprised to see a big crowd of journalists and bloggers. Large flower displays were placed around the glossy, marble table and the NUI collection was the centre of attention. So, before we get into each product - who are NUI Cosmetics? Founded by Swantje Van Uehm, NUI Cosmetics was created because Swantje longed to find a bright red lipstick that didn't contain nasty ingredients and also 100% vegan. 
Personally, I have been paying more and more attention to beauty brands that don't test on animals and it makes perfect sense to use brands that truly care about the safety and well being of them. So I was really excited to hear more about the range. As you can see from the website, NUI Cosmetics are gluten-free, 100% natural, cruelty free and at least 70% organically grown. The range is free from parabens, artificial dyes and also synthetic fragrances. On the product table, I had the opportunity to test out quite a few different beauty products.
One of the products I tested included the Natural Lipstick collection, the formula is hydrating and incredibly pigmented. I would have to say that Kura is my favourite shade, we all know I love a 90's brown lipstick. After I swatched a few of the lipsticks I made my way over the drink area where I was pretty surprised to see a brand called Benjamin & Blum, specialising in cocktail mixes, the two popular mixes included Aviation and Orange Bloom. The lemon bowls and orange peels made this area pretty photogenic and the carefully crafted bottle designs certainly helped with my Instagram theme!

You can find out more about Benjamin & Blum cocktail mix range here. I made my way back to the main display table and I focused my eyes on the Brow Sculpting pots. Available in three different shades, I think the Reo shade would be my perfect match. The formula was incredibly creamy so it would certainly be easy to blend and fill in any gaps on your eyebrows. The next product that caught my eye was the NUI cosmetics Cream Blush, which is designed for your cheeks, eyes and lips. My favourite shade has to be TikaKarete, I love cooler blusher shades and this blusher certainly ticks the box.

So just to give you more background information about NUI Cosmetics, they are a Berlin based beauty brand that have been featured in Elle, Glamour magazine and Harper's Bazaar. If you are keen to see what the range has to offer, the NUI Cosmetics website actually has a Looks section where you can see how the products are used. Whether it is to create a natural boho summer look or if you are looking for a deep, intense vibe. You can find the Looks section here
Overall, for my first impression of the range and after swatching and testing a few of the products, I think the quality of NUI Cosmetics range is flawless and I can't praise the brand enough for creating a cruelty free and vegan product line. The event was a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the range and I am really impressed with the quality. I think the brand has a very glossy, fresh 00's vibe and you can really create some amazing looks with the cream blushers and eyeshadows. What do you think of the NUI Cosmetic range? Are you a fan of the classic shades? 

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