Tuesday 26 February 2019

the baby diary #02 ♥

Red Bandeau Dress - Femme Luxe | Gifted   
I am back with my second blog post from my new Baby Diary series. As I am typing this I am officially 19 weeks and 1 day. I can't believe next Monday I will be 5 months pregnant and I am almost half way through. My energy levels are improving every day and I was able to shoot quite a few outfit photos on the weekend in the flat and on Friday I will be going to London with Lydia to shoot some in town. I haven't done that in so long but I have really missed creating content. Body wise, my back is really starting to hurt, this is supposed to be normal around the 5 month mark but boy am I looking forward to a massage.
I posted a new Instagram post today about how much I'm loving pampering myself, I'm having bubble baths again and I'm also reaching for my face mask and fake tan. After spending weeks in my dressing gown, curled up in bed with no energy, it is really refreshing to get dolled up again. On Sunday morning, Ollie and I drove up to Sloane Square to have a look at our first buggy. We all know I am not very classic when it comes to my style, I love gold and sparkly colours so I was very excited when I found the egg Hollywood Stroller.

We actually visited Peter Jones in Chelsea to test it out and although I hit a few corners, I absolutely love the design and feel of this buggy. It is really compact and it even comes with a matching bag for nappies or bottles. I have found it quite overwhelming looking at everything you need for a newborn baby but research is the best idea. I am really excited to be heading to the Baby Show on Sunday at ExCeL and hopefully I learn more and find out what the best products are. I've actually created a spreadsheet and put together a list of everything we need to get.
From bath support to baby bibs, there is a lot to cover and I want to make sure I research everything before we buy something we don't need. I have found What to Expect When You Are Expecting a really good read. I've been reading up on breast feeding and the benefits and also what the baby will be doing at 19 weeks. Bump wise, my clothes are getting very tight but I have found that my bandeau dresses are incredibly comfortable and so easy to wear. I now have them in grey, brown and red - I definitely recommend them if you want something lightweight and comfortable! ♥


  1. Your Femme Luxe Bandeau Dress looks beautiful, and you look beautiful wearing it.
    It sounds like you are doing admirably with your research and health, and you look fabulous.
    Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy, the birth of your baby, and for a fulfilling life and enjoyable motherhood going forward.


  2. This is so lovely! And I think it is wonderful that you take time to pamper yourself. That is definitely how it should be!

  3. You look beautiful with the leather coat.


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