Thursday 14 November 2019

femme luxe series #04 ♥

Yes, it’s that time again. I am back with my latest Femme Luxe post and I wanted to talk about my different outfit picks. I just had to find the black version of the classic red PU corset and leggings set. I felt really comfortable wearing it so I was really pleased when I saw a black version. Unlike my black strappy sandal heels, I decided to wear my new perspex sandal heels, yes I know I am a very big fan of current trends lately. For my next outfit I grabbed my PU leggings and paired them with a rich, emerald puff sleeve crop top. 
Now, after having Sofia I am still not comfortable with crop tops but luckily for me the PU leggings are high waisted so it is perfect for giving you extra support around your midriff area. The green top is also available in a ruby red and black but I think the green is very flattering with my skin tone and highlights right now. The top easily fastens up with tiny butterfly hooks and it creates a gorgeous corset effect. This is certainly one of my favourite outfits for drinks or shopping.
Last but certainly not least we have a beautiful rust, satin mini dress. It has been a while since I put on a mini dress but the farbic is incredibly flattering and the colour is beautiful. What do you think of my latest picks? Will I ever stop wearing the PU trend - probably not but I love how easy it is to wear and the PU range from Femme Luxe is incredibly flattering. Let me know what your favourite outfit is this week and what you will be adding to your wish list. If you want to see me style a particular trend, let me know ♥


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