Monday 16 November 2020

daisy london - the vita necklace ♥

It is always a pinch me moment when a PR email from Daisy London arrives in your inbox. Founded in 2009, Daisy London have been creating beautiful and elegant jewellery for every occasion, from rings to classic chains, you really are spoilt for choice. I was lucky enough to choose a necklace from the range and I simply fell in love with the Vita Necklace*. Made from recycled sterling silver, the Vita necklace caught my attention instantly. I am very particular with the jewellery I wear and I think it is such a personal statement about our own individual personality and style.
The entire Vita collection is based on the sculpture of the female body, it was designed to celebrate every type of figure and the range has numerous pieces which you can layer, wear individually or mix and match. Vita actually translates to 'life' in latin and this can certainly be seen in the Vita collection, the pieces are simply beautiful and I love that the collection has a positive meaning and purpose behind it. The Vita necklace really stood out to me, I usually wear silver jewellery covered in diamontes (a typical 00's trend) but I love that the Vita necklace has a classic and elegant design. I don't think this necklace will ever go out of style, it is definitely a special addition to keep in my jewellery collection.
With Christmas slowly creeping up on us, I think Daisy would be a perfect place to start your Christmas shop. There is something very personal and special when it comes to buying jewellery for friends and family, I still have my charm bracelet that my mum gave me after I graduated from university and I can instantly remember the day she gave it to me. Jewellery is not always just an accessory and brands like Daisy are designed for special moments that you can treasure and remember. When I was browsing through the Daisy website, I did notice how timeless the collection looks, I think you can find a piece to suit anyones personal style and for any age, I've already seen my mum eyeing up my necklace! 
Not only is the collection a perfect gift idea but the actual packaging is pretty special. The necklace arrived in a white box with suede grey fabric inside, it also arrived with a gift bag and a magazine featuring the Daisy collection. Now when it comes to styling the necklace, I knew straight away that it would look beautiful with a silk and lace dress. I grabbed my GHD's and curled my hair to create a soft wave and I think the necklace finishes this look effortlessly. The chain is really dainty and subtle so it really looks flawless with simple, elegant dresses. Let me know what pieces you are adding to your wish list, I would love to know what your favourite collection is! ♥

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