Saturday 21 November 2020

the 7th heaven range ♥

The end is almost in sight for lockdown 2.0 but for some reason I've been finding it almost as tough as the first time around. I have been thinking about this year and how quickly it has whizzed past and there was so much I wanted to show Sofia for the first time, but I know that we have to make the best out of these situations which is why TLC sessions are more important than ever. It really is the little things that have been lifting my mood and a hint of nostalgia is exactly what I needed to take my mind off everything and to feel productive and positive. It can be hard to look after yourself properly when you are stuck indoors and I think a pamper session is exactly what the doctor ordered.
So I popped into my local Savers store this week and picked up a few masks from the brand 7th Heaven. I can remember using the Red Hot Sauna face mask as a teenager and it was one of the first face masks I ever used. Fast forward 15 years and I love that the brand is still a firm favourite for all ages. Vegetarian and cruelty free, 7th Heaven are over 30 years old and have been creating fun and unique products that give your body a pick me up, without you even stepping into your local spa. I didn’t know that they also made masks especially for your hair so I was pretty excited to see the Manuka Honey Rescue Mask on the shelf in Savers. 
The key ingredients in this hair mask include coconut, honey and Abyssinian oil, which is rich in Omega 3. My hair is in desperate need of a trim and the ends are pretty frazzled so the Manuka Honey mask looked like a great match. I actually picked up this mask because I’ve heard great things about Manuka honey and I know Kourtney Kardashian is a big fan of using Manuka honey in her beauty routine. I bought two packs just because my hair is quite long and I didn't know how much product would be included in the packet. I also picked up the Red Hot Sauna mask and the Dead Sea Sheet mask, I was impressed with how many different styles they have. 
So after spending this week testing out the three masks, I am still just as impressed with 7th Heaven as I was when I first tried them, all those years ago. I even found a pack of gold foil eye patches which have been very popular this year. Before I applied the Manuka Honey Rescue mask, I gently brushed my hair through just to make sure there were no knots. I then began applying the packet evenly to my hair but I kept my main focus on my split ends because of how dry they have become over the past few months. The mask smelt amazing and it felt quite satisfying smothering my hair, I was actually really surprised that I only needed one packet but you get a fair amount of product in each pack. 
I left the mask in for a good few hours and I was able to tie it up while I ran around with Sofia. After I washed it out, I noticed the difference instantly, it felt incredibly soft and a few days later, my hair still looks shiny and smooth. For 65p, you really can't go wrong. It just shows that you don't need to spend a fortune to add a bit of luxury to your beauty and hair routine. It was really easy to apply and it does the work for you. I'm really impressed with this mask and I'll be sure to make this a new regular routine. The Red Hot Sauna mask still amazes me today and I am addicted to that lovely warm feeling on my skin.
I also tried the Dead Sea Sheet Masque, this mask is actually designed to revive tired and stressed skin. I've already ticked both boxes so far! The sheet mask is drenched in Seaweed extract and red Algae, with both ingredients having rejuvenating qualities. After removing my make-up, I opened the packet to put the mask to the test. Easy to apply, I smoothed the sheet over my face and I left it on for 10 minutes. It stayed in place while I was tidying up bits and bobs and after I removed it, my skin felt smooth and refreshed. If you are looking for a pick me up, this mask would be ideal. I love how cold and cooling the product feels against my skin and it left it feeling really clean and fresh.
I'll definitely be grabbing a few more and wearing this in the bath. I love that 7th Heaven have been inspired by current trends and made affordable versions for anyone to try and have fun with, each mask is so easy and simple to apply and you can mix and match to find a mask you love. Not only is the range cruelty free and affordable, but they also contain great ingredients to care for your skin or hair issues. This is certainly a perfect treat when you want to give yourself pamper time. What do you think of the 7th Heaven range? Are you a fan of hair and face masks? Let me know what mask you would pick from the range 

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