Wednesday 6 January 2021

femme luxe series #23 ♥

It is time to say hello to a brand new Femme Luxe post. I have been kindly sent these outfits to style and I am loving shooting new photos in 2021. Although we are now back in lockdown as I type this, I am still a big fan of taking cosy, indoor photos. I am still living in my comfy loungewear sets, including this pink set. The fitted leggings and long sleeved top is a dream, I have this set in grey and tan and now I can add pink to my collection. If you are looking for an everyday outfit that you can wear around the house or run errands in, this is my go to outfit. I don't usually wear pink but this shade is subtle and soft without being too bold. 
My next outfit pick certainly deserves a night out, this purple, satin corset style dress is simply stunning. I never wear purple but it goes so well with a tan, it felt really nice to play dress up in these photos and I can't wait to wear this dress out. I ordered this satin dress in a size 10 because the fabric is very fitted. I have seen this style of dress everywhere and I love everything about the design. Whether you want to grab a faux leather trench coat to pair with it or your faux fur, this dress deserves a night on the town. I grabbed my curling tongs for this look but I also think an updo would work perfectly with this outfit. 
Last but certainly not least, we have a classic pair of black jogging bottoms. With lockdown in full swing, I think everyone needs a big, oversized pair of jogging bottoms. I am living in mine at the moment and when we're stuck indoors, you can't go wrong. I sized up with these jogging bottoms and the quality is incredible. I also have the bottoms in a khaki and lilac shade, they are simply comfiness personified. So these are my Femme Luxe outfit picks for this week. What do you think? Are you missing evening dresses or are you happy in your comfy, loungewear outfits like me? Keep your eyes peeled for my next Femme Luxe post ♥

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