Monday 11 January 2021

vivid latte range ♥

I remember when I first saw a bottle of Vivid Matcha Green Tea in Boots a few years ago. I have never been a big fan of fizzy drinks so my usual go to when I'm on the go is an iced green tea or coconut water so I love that the Vivid Drinks is available to grab on the go. Vivid's brand message focuses on mental clarity and wellness and minus the 'New Year, New You' routine, I have always loved healthy options when it comes to my choice of beverage. With another lockdown and a new year in full swing, I was excited to try this package from Vivid*. The box includes a selection of different latte powders, starting with matcha, ginger, cacao, ginger, turmeric and beetroot. 
I actually tried one of the beetroot sachets with just hot water and I found it very refreshing. Normally you just add warm milk and mix the sachet together to create a creamy latte but I like that you can also use hot water too. You have a lot of freedom to create and try new recipes with the latte powders, whether you want to create protein powders or simply curl up with a warm cocoa latte in bed, you are spoilt for choice and flavours. If you are looking for a perfect morning pick me up, the ginger or turmeric flavoured sachets are ideal. Not only are they refreshing but they certainly wake up your senses.
You get 7 Pure Powder Sachets in each box and there is more than enough powder in each sachet. As stated on the Vivid website, their Matcha powder originates from Nishio in Japan, the green tea leaves are triple shaded for three weeks, and this increases the chlorophyll. This method makes the Matcha even richer in nutrients and overall, more beneficial to consume. The leaves used, are hand picked for quality and the leaf is finally ground to a powder. The sachets are caffeine free and they are also classified as organic too. Overall, I am absolutely obsessed with Vivid and this collection of flavoured lattes. 
They taste incredible and the small sachets make it so easy to pop in your bag if you want to take them to work or if you're just out and about - once the current lockdown is over of course. Not only did I love trying the different flavours but I really love that as a brand, Vivid explain where their Matcha originates from. It just makes me appreciate the honesty of the brand even more and I know I'm treating my body to something healthy and beneficial. If you want to make a subtle change to your diet or if you want to try something new, I really recommend the Vivid sachets. What do you think of the latte range? Are you a fan of matcha? You can find the Vivid Matcha Powder sachets here. ♥

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