Friday 12 March 2021

skinny tan dry mist spray and wonder serum ♥

I am back with a brand new tanning review and today we are talking about one of my favourite tanning brands - Skinny Tan. Created back in 2012, you may have first heard about Skinny Tan after they were featured on Dragons' Den. I have actually been using Skinny Tan since 2016 and I have always been amazed by the range of unique and revolutionary tanning products. I have been kindly sent the Wonder Serum* and the Dry Mist Finishing Spray*. Skinny Tan is known for launching new and exciting launches so I was really curious to see what I was in for. I know it sounds crazy but I actually feel like tanning has been a big help dealing with lockdown, it instantly lifts my mood and I love feeling bronzed and looking like I've just stepped off a beach.
Now I have never actually used a fake tan in the form of a serum, I have tried gels, mousse, oils and a selection of spray tans but a serum has never even crossed my radar before. I love the idea of combining skin care with my tanning routine so I couldn't wait to try the Wonder Serum. The formula contains Vitamin E and Q10 which keeps your skin smooth and soft and it also helps fight against fine lines. This particular tan is pretty much designed as photoshop in a bottle, the formula is designed to smooth blemishes to create a smoother base for your tan. Which is great if you're covered in clumsy bumps and bruises all the time like me. So after starting my regular tanning prep of exfoliating, I applied the Wonder Serum with a Skinny Tan Tanning Mitt.
The tanning mitt is so easy to use and it glides effortlessly over your skin, the velvet design really makes a difference when applying your tan, compared to regular foam mitts that I have used in the past. I always reach for this tanning mitt because it really helps the product blend into your skin, especially in hard to reach areas like your back or in-between your toes and fingers. The Wonder Serum is vegan friendly and cruelty free, this is always in the plus column when I am testing out products because I know how important these factors are when it comes to buying beauty products and it's great that even more people can try the range. I squirted a small amount of the Wonder Serum onto my tanning mitt and I noticed that the formula has small, subtle glitter particles. 
The serum is light and very thin which made it really easy to blend into my skin. I found that the instant colour is ideal if you want a subtle sun kissed look, it looks like a beautiful, healthy glow and it gives your skin the ultimate pick me up. If you want something more intense, I would add another layer and let the tan develop for a few hours. I'm really impressed that you can get results straight away with the Wonder Serum and you have the option to create a darker tan if you prefer. Although the formula is really hydrating and lightweight, I didn't find it sticky or uncomfortable to have on my skin, it dried really well and I used the Dry Mist Spray to give me a helping hand.
As you can see from the photo above, I applied the Wonder Serum on my right leg just so you could see the instant pop of colour it gives. I'm not wearing any tan on my left leg and you can see what an amazing difference it makes. I'm really impressed with how easy it was to apply and I think the Wonder Serum is ideal if you want something hydrating on your skin. I was also blown away when I used the Dry Mist Finishing Spray, I applied it after the serum and I can only describe it as a dry shampoo for your body. It coats your tan and allows it dry really quickly and best of all, it smells of vanilla and coconut. I was able to put my leggings back on quickly after and I didn't feel sticky which is the normal routine after you use a fake tan. The Dry Mist Spray is such a clever idea and it will make your tanning experience even more enjoyable and less of a chore.
I love that it helped the serum dry quicker and it was really easy to spray. Overall, I am really blown away by the Wonder Serum and Dry Mist Spray. I abslovely love how easy the Wonder Serum was to apply and the silky, smooth formula is perfect if you want to try a tanning product for the first time. The lightweight formula makes it very easy to blend into your skin and the anti-ageing benefits are just an added bonus. I was blown away by my end result and I couldn't believe how natural it looked. The Dry Mist Spray is now a firm must-have in my tanning routine, not only has it saved me standing with my hairdryer on the cool setting (don't ask), but it just adds that extra layer of protection against my clothes and bed sheets. Let me know what you think of the Skinny Tan range, are you a fan of combining skincare with tanning? 

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