Tuesday 30 January 2018

#tiptalk - taking a break from social media ♥

For today's blog post I wanted to have a little chat and a ramble. I've spent the past few weeks writing blog posts about clothes or beauty products so I think it would be nice to have a new #TipTalk post and a general life update chat. I woke up this morning and it was quite bright outside, I am really wishing that the summer weather would hurry back. I spent the entire weekend in bed because I have been feeling quite poorly and it got me thinking about the new hobbies and habits that I've started doing since the weather has been drizzly and chilly.
I have been very well behaved with online shopping at the moment but I did pick up this lace dress a few weeks ago from Missguided. With a discount code, I managed to get it for £17.00 and I wore it at an engagement party at The Ned. I took a few outfit photos on the rooftop after the event finished and the view was just incredible. I wore my comfortable strappy heels so luckily I could dance and stand without my feet hurting. I really love this Missguided dress, the lace detailing really reminds me of a similar dress that Cindy Crawford wore in the 90's.
Now with the exception of shopping for my new lace dress, I wanted to talk about the new hobbies I've started, that have been replacing shopping and social media. If you are looking for a new television series to start, try an old classic. I have started watching The Golden Girls series again and I am in love. The plot is based around 4 older women who live in Miami together, it makes me laugh out loud and it makes a nice change to watch something that doesn't revolve around my usual serial killer documentaries.
I usually hate comedies but The Golden Girls is my favourite show to watch at the moment. I love the dry sarcasm that the show has and it is quite surreal watching a show from the 80's - the fashion is pretty unique! As well as watching a new TV series, I have also been doing my research on books. I have ordered quite a few vegan cook books and not only will I be talking more about cooking on Fairytale Kiss but I have also been spending more time in the kitchen. I just love the idea of doing something more productive and enjoyable with my time rather than looking at social media.
I really struggle with cooking but I have found it really fun and interesting to watch cooking videos online and I've also been reading new recipes. I certainly think it is a great hobby to start in your spare time, whether you prefer baking or trying something new in the kitchen. I never cook so it is certainly something I want to change. Not only have I started reading recipe books but I have also been spending more time in my local charity shop. There are countless books in charity shops that don't cost a fortune, I am trying to find a basic Spanish book to see if I can learn the basics before the summer arrives.
Not only am I picking up more books but I have also downloaded a word game called WordBrain, I like the idea of doing a productive game while I'm on the train or before I go to bed. This isn't the most exciting and thrilling list but I have been finding it pretty relaxing and rewarding. So if you want to put your phone down and take a break from scrolling social media, I hope this blog post has given you some inspiration to try something else. I like the idea of doing a task that improves my mind or just makes me feel good about myself and The Golden Girls is pretty good at ticking that box. What new hobbies have you started this month? I would love to know what you have started in 2018. ♥

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  1. That dress looks gorgeous on you! It is wonderful that you are reading more. That is something I am focused on this year as well.


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