Thursday 11 April 2019

food time - fumo london ♥

Prepare for a short but sweet Food Time post today. I popped into Fumo on Saturday evening with the girls to celebrate Chloe's belated birthday. It can be quite tricky to round us up together on the same date and of course, we still hadn't booked a table anywhere. Luckily Chloe managed to book a last minute table at Fumo. A quick 8 minute walk from Charing Cross station or Covent Garden; Fumo is an award winning cicchetti restaurant, they specialise in Italian dishes. I absolutely love Spanish tapas so the thought of trying small Italian dishes really got my taste buds excited.
It is a very popular and clever concept, there are countless dishes on the menu and you can order as many as you like. The portion sizes are smaller so this means you can try quite a few options. I personally haven't visited many cicchetti restaurants so I was excited to see what dishes would be on the menu. But before we get to the menu, let's start with first impressions. First of all, I was really surprised that we managed to get a table at such short notice. We arrived at 8.00 PM and the interior was not what I expected at all. With glossy marble walls and nude, fan lights scattered across the ceiling, the interior was modern and glamorous.
I absolutely adore the interior and I've been trying to find the ceiling light shades for the flat! The interior is definitely inspiring and I actually felt under dressed when I arrived. As we arrived at Fumo, our coats were taken and we had to wait a few moments by the bar. It was quite busy and the atmosphere was very fast paced as dishes were constantly being brought out from the kitchen. The lighting was quite dim but you could clearly see the glossy, marble walls and bar area. That being said, the lighting did make it tricky to take food photos so apologies for the poor quality in today's Food Time post. 
The four of us were seated at a table by the back and minus the slightly small table, our menu and drinks were available instantly. The girls ordered a few cocktails, they are big fans of Strawberry Daiquiri's and I had a diet coke and water. The waiter explained the menu concept and suggested ordering a few dishes between us. I decided to order calamari and the duck salad which included rocket, melinda apples from Trentino, pancetta and balsamic vinegar. The girls ordered pizza and pasta and fish which again, arrived at different times but the timing was pretty perfect. You could easily order extra dishes but I thought two medium mains suited me perfectly.
If you are unsure what to order, I definitely advise taking a peek at the pizza section, the size of the pizza is similar to a large garlic bread so I would recommended ordering a second or third dish. The pizza was cooked to perfection and if you are a fan of spicy dishes, the Calabrese would certainly hit the spot. The menu has so many different options to choose from, from pizza, pasta, fish, vegetarian and meat options, you can certainly try a variety of Italian favourites. When the dessert menu arrived, we were quite full but the Coppa Galosa really caught our attention. This was certainly a popular choice in the restaurant, everyone had a giant bowl delivered to their table. 
The giant dessert included ice cream and quite a few Ferrero Rocher balls scattered on top. My idea of heaven. So overall, what do I think of Fumo? The service was incredible and although the atmosphere is very fast paced, you don't have to wait around to order. The dishes are not too pricey and it would be great to order a few dishes if you are on a date or wanting lunch - that being said, there is a set lunch menu available at Fumo. I definitely recommend visiting the London branch, the interior was a personal highlight for me, the beautiful marble walls and impressive menu is certainly worth a visit ♥

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