Friday 12 April 2019

the louis vuitton agenda planner ♥

We all know I am not the most organised person when it comes in general. When it comes to blogging and appointments I can be pretty scatty and I have been using a small diary to roughly jot down important dates for the past few years. I decided I wanted to find something nicer and for my birthday my parents kindly bought me the Louis Vuitton Ring Agenda Cover. This is actually the medium sized cover and when it arrived, we decided the larger version would be more practical, especially if I want to write more detailed notes down. 
I will be featuring the larger version on Fairytale Kiss at a later date but I thought I would give my first impressions of this particular medium sized agenda cover in case you are looking to buy one for yourself. I rarely talk about stationery on my blog but I am looking to improve my planning routine and I think stationery is a great tool to help you get organised and know exactly what direction you are going in. It is no secret that I am obsessed with Louis Vuitton and I have always loved the monogram pattern. It reminds me of the early 00's and I think it looks incredibly classic.
I understand that the Louis Vuitton agenda covers are quite pricey, especially just for a cover and no inserts but I've always seen Louis Vuitton items as a long term investment, I will always need an agenda cover and you can constantly replace the papers inside so won't need to replace the cover itself. From doctor appointments to future parent teacher nights, this planner will certainly keep me prepared...well, hopefully. I actually visited the Sloane Square store to see the different sizes in person. I really recommend doing this because you can see in person what size suits your needs. 
I also watched quite a few videos on Youtube about the sizing and what they looked like on camera but it wasn't until the medium sized agenda arrived that I knew I needed to exchange it for a bigger size. It totally depends on what you want to use the agenda for, if you are simply looking to write down addresses, phone numbers or appointments down, the small agenda cover would suit your needs perfectly. There are three different sizes available and the smallest agenda size that you can buy is measured at 3.9 by 5.5 inches which is roughly A6. 
The medium size agenda measures at 5.5 by 7.1 inches, which is similar to  A5 and finally, the largest agenda cover measures at 7.1 by 8.7 inches which is slightly wider and taller than A5. As you can see from the measurements, the medium and large is not too different but I found the extra inches from the large agenda cover made it easier to write more lengthy paragraphs. So overall, if you are looking to write long, detailed notes or diary style posts, you may want to invest in the large agenda cover. The size suits my needs perfectly and I don't plan on carrying this around with me, it will sit nicely on my desk at home and I can update it when I need to. 

The medium and smaller sizes would fit perfectly in my handbag. It would also be great for hospital and blog appointments but I would be worried about scratching the cover or my trusty foundation leaking in my bag! I don't think my handbag is tidy enough to keep the agenda cover in perfect condition and I wouldn't want to take the risk. If you are a normal person who isn't a messy bag lady like me, a small and medium size would be perfect to keep in your handbag. I think a larger cover is a lot safer in my hands because I keep it secure in my desk and not in my Mary Poppins handbag.
When it comes to buying a planner, make sure you know what you want to use it for. I know this sounds pretty obvious but a £500 planner is not something I would purchase lightly, I really did my research on the size and what I wanted it for. The ring binders in the middle are simply stunning and I love that you can easily fit important cards down the side, whether its my Superdrug card or my blog business card. The back section of the cover is great for keeping loose receipts and even loose notes. I didn't actually order the infills from Louis Vuitton, I found them on eBay and Etsy have a beautiful selection.
Overall, although the medium size agenda cover is only slightly smaller than the larger cover, the larger size suits my needs and I would have loved to have kept both. This is a very special birthday present that my parents kindly gifted me so it really means a lot that I can keep this. Louis Vuitton also offer a Hot Stamping service so you can add your initials inside the cover. What do you think of the Louis Vuitton agenda covers? Are you a fan of the monogram design or do you prefer something simple? ♥

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous planner! That is incredible. And I hope it helps you stay organized! :)


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