Wednesday 17 April 2019

the oversized boyfriend blazer ♥

Who knew raiding your boyfriends wardrobe and stealing his blazer would be so much fun? I can't take credit for this outfit, Lydia had a very trendy idea to pair Ollie's grey blazer with my grey bodycon knit dress and what can I say? I am really impressed with the finished look. It is certainly not inspired by my regular wardrobe, I never usually wear oversized blazers and I don't usually wear matching colours together but I really love how 80's this outfit looks. It is also great to wear if you are 6 months pregnant, like me.

I think I've mentioned in every blog post how difficult I find dressing my bump but an outfit like this is comfortable and so easy to wear, whether you have dinner planned or if you have slightly more freedom with your work wardrobe. The ribbed bodycon dress is quite a few years old but Primark is a great high street destination if you are looking for simple dresses to layer. I've seen quite a few oversized blazers styled with large, Balenciaga trainers but personally, I feel to dumpy to wear flats with an oversized blazer if the dress is midi length. I don't think I can pull that look off which is why a pair of thin, strappy heels is ideal. 
Trainers are a great option if you really want to dress this outfit down and if the thought of heels makes you wince, trainers are also really comfortable. I've been living in my trainers for the past few months but it does feel nice to grab a strappy pair of heels once in a while. For the bag, I had to grab my new Louis Vuitton Pochette Felicie, this adds a sprinkle of the 00's to the 80's oversized blazer vibe and I like mixing a splash of brown to the grey, neutral colour palette. I actually think that the shoes completed this look. I wanted to wear my strappy sandal heels to make the overall outfit more relaxed and casual. The light pink adds a pop of spring to this neutral outfit.
If you want to add a dash of business to this outfit, a pair of stilettos is a must because I think the lace up sandal heels makes the vibe slightly more casual. I'll be honest, I did find it tricky taking these photos - if the outfit isn't skin tight, I do feel slightly out of my comfort zone but I really like how effortless this outfit looks and I would love to pair a Louis Vuitton belt with it. I know bold belts are not everyone's cup of tea but they are really growing on me. It would look great wearing the Louis Vuitton belt over the blazer to add a snugger fit to your waist. 
I have put together a few Get the Look items below, Ollie's Reiss blazer has sadly sold out but I have found an alternative from the Reiss website. If you would prefer a slightly more fitted option, Pull & Bear have a gorgeous checkered blazer, for only £20.00. Finding a double breasted blazer is better because it creates more emphasis on the 'oversized' look. So what do you think of this outfit? Are you a fan of the 80's vibe or do you prefer something more fitted? Let me know what you would pick from this outfit and what type of blazer you would like me to style next ♥


  1. That is such a bold piece! I absolutely love it. And those shoes are spectacular as well!

    1. Ah thank you! Definitely not something I would usually wear but I really like it! :D xx


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